Professor Alison Young

Sir David Williams Professor of Public Law at Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge


Professor Alison Young is the Sir David Williams Professor of Public Law, Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge.

Alison's research is in all aspects of public law, both of the UK and the EU. Her main interest is in constitutional theory, particularly dialogue theory, where she draw comparisons between different means of protecting human rights. She also interested in comparative public law, specifically drawing comparisons between UK law, EU law, the law in other commonwealth countries and France. Alison also has research interests in freedom of expression and in the protection of human rights through private law.

She has published widely in all of these areas, and am the author of Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Human Rights Act (Hart Publishing, 2009), and was recently the recipient of a Leverhulme Research Fellowship, which she used to write a book on dialogue theory, Democratic Dialogue and the Constitution (OUP, 2017).