Dr Jenny Molloy

Shuttleworth Foundation Research Fellow at University of Cambridge

Shuttleworth Foundation Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

Dr Jenny Molloy is a Shuttleworth Foundation Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, studying the role and impact of open approaches to intellectual property for a sustainable and equitable bioeconomy. Her work focuses on initiatives that increase access to scientific tools such as instrumentation and biological reagents. Jenny is particularly interested in the social outcomes of distributed innovation with next generation biotechnologies in low-resource settings and how making research tools more accessible, used and useful can provide insights into the economics and sociology of science and technology.

Prior to her Fellowship, Jenny was the Coordinator for both OpenPlant and the Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative at the University of Cambridge. She holds a DPhil in Zoology from the University of Oxford, where her thesis focused on genetic control of mosquito populations. In addition to her role in the University, she is a founding Director of the Cambridge-based non-profit organisations ContentMine (producing open source software for text mining scientific papers) and Biomakespace (a community laboratory for engineering with biology) and she co-organises the Gathering for Open Science Hardware.