Jonathan Hughes

Industrial Fellow at Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge

Industrial Fellow, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

Jonathan Hughes is an Industrial Fellow in the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge. His focus is large company and public sector projects, as well as international development projects. He has worked with a number of companies on strategy design, change management, workforce planning, sustainability, capability mapping and technology roadmapping, providing in-depth analysis of the issues concerned.

He was previously a Policy Fellow within the Centre for Industry and Government, which he joined from the Distributed Information & Automation Laboratory in mid-2005. Jonathan attended university in Edinburgh and Toulouse before coming to Cambridge, and obtained degrees in French and Philosophy prior to joining the Engineering Department.

Outside engineering, Jonathan's interests range across a number of areas; he has published work on the subjects of moral philosophy, personal liberties within political systems and the evolution of terrorism since World War Two.