Dr Peter Murray-Rust

Reader, Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics at Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Reader Emeritus in Molecular Science Informatics, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
Founder, ContentMine

Dr Peter Murray-Rust started ContentMine in 2014, with Dr Jenny Molloy, Coordinator for OpenPlant and the Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative at the University of Cambridge. Peter and Jenny saw the potential of open source tools to assist in the research process and to extract facts from all forms of data. They started to develop the technology that would enable them to do so.

Dr Peter Murray-Rust is Reader Emeritus in Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge and has a long record of involvement in the automated analysis of data in scientific publication. Peter was jointly responsible for the development of the Chemical Markup Language and is on the Advisory board of Open Knowledge International and is a co-author of the Panton Principles for Open scientific data.

In 2014 he was granted a Fellowship by the Shuttleworth Foundation to develop the automated mining of facts from scientific literature and this work laid the basis for ContentMine.