Dr Steven Wooding

Senior Research Fellow, Research Strategy Office at University of Cambridge

Senior Research Fellow, Research Strategy Office, University of Cambridge

Dr Steven Wooding is working as part of the Research Strategy Office at the University of Cambridge.

Previously, Dr Steven Wooding worked with CSaP, extending its work on Policy Fellowships and Policy Workshops by providing a further policy research and analysis programme.

Steve was previously at RAND Europe, a not-for-profit public policy research organisation, where he held a number of roles including Director of Innovation and Technology and Senior Research Leader in Innovation, Health and Science. He also co-directed the Centre for Policy Research in Science and Medicine (PRiSM), supported by the English Department of Health. Steven has worked for clients in the government and charity sector clients in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, USA and Australia and led a number of international studies on evaluating the long-term impacts of bio-medical research.

Steve’s research has focused on research evaluation and the social processes of science. He is interested in the ‘science of science policy’ and how science and evidence is organised and funded to support public policy and social outcomes. Alongside this Steve also has a long standing interest in visualising and communicating data, having advised the UK Chief Medical Officer; designed various novel visual representations; and he has been increasingly engaged in large scale data bibliometric data processing and presentation. Steve is an experienced workshop facilitator and has designed and run workshops in a range of sectors both for UK government departments, the European Commission and internationally.

Steve recently published a study mapping the global funding of mental health research and a toolkit of 100 metrics for communicating the value of research. Steve and colleagues recently published a summary of their work on funding research for societal impact – the DECISIVE model for science funding.

He is currently writing up a study on the effects of scale and scope in biomedical research (i.e. how many researchers should you put together?) and is finalising a literature review summarising the current evidence around using peer review for allocating research funding.

Steve is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Policy Institute at King's College London.

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