Professor Chris Sandbrook

Professor of Conservation at Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Professor of Conservation, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Professor Chris Sandbrook is Professor of Conservation in the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge. He is a political ecologist with diverse research interests around a central theme of biodiversity conservation and its relationship with society. His current research activities can be divided into two categories: (i) investigating trade-offs between ecosystem services at the landscape scale in developing countries and (ii) investigating the role of values and evidence in shaping the decisions of conservationists and their organisations.

Professor Sandbrook helps to run the University's Masters in Conservation Leadership, and he is involved in several CCI (Cambridge Conservation Initiative) collaborative projects, including building a network of institutional NGO capacity to support sustainable conservation and Games for Nature.

  • 7 July 2022, 5:30pm

    The Inaugural Reynolds Lecture - 7 July 2022

    This inaugural Reynolds Lecture will be delivered by Dr Robert Macfarlane and will explore the landscapes, lawscapes, complexities, histories and futures of this new-old idea that the natural world is far more alive than we allow.