Dr Philip Stiles

Senior Lecturer in Corporate Governance at Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS)

Co-Director of the Centre for International Human Resource Management (CIHRM)
Senior Lecturer in Corporate Governance, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Dr Philip Stiles developed the Global Human Resource Research Alliance, a research group involving 30 companies worldwide. The project represents the most comprehensive worldwide research study in the subject. The contribution to knowledge has been to identify both innovative and best HR practices within companies, and to show how human capital integrates with key dimensions of social and organisational capital.

Philip is also engaged in work on corporate governance, focusing primarily on the dynamics of boards of directors. He was involved in research for the Higgs Review on the Effectiveness of Non-Executive Directors, and he is also involved in examining the nature of succession within companies, carried out in collaboration with an international headhunting organisation. He consults to a number of organisations in both the private and public sector.

His research interests includes

  • Human resource management
  • Leadership
  • High performance working
  • Organisational culture
  • Change management
  • Corporate governance
  • The dynamics of boards of directors
  • Chief executive succession
  • The influence of self-conscious emotions such as shame, pride and guilt on work motivation