Baroness Alex Freeman

at House of Lords


In May 2024, Alex Freeman left her role as Executive Director of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication to take a seat in the House of Lords in June. Before joining the Winton Centre she had a 16 year career at the BBC, working on series such as Walking with Beasts, Life in the Undergrowth, Bang Goes the Theory, Climate Change by Numbers and as series producer of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor. Her work won a number of awards, from a BAFTA to a AAAS Kavli gold award for science journalism. In addition to developing and making television series, Alex worked with associated content across a whole range of other media – designing websites, games, formal learning resources and social media content – to bring science to the widest possible audience.

At the Winton Centre she had a particular interest in helping professionals such as doctors, journalists or legal professionals communicate numbers and uncertainty better, and in whether narrative can be used as a tool to inform but not persuade. She is an advocate of Open Research practices and the reform of the science publishing system, and in her spare time leads the Octopus platform for primary research publication.