Dr David Good

Former Director of Research at Cambridge Global Challenges SRI

Former Director for Research, Global Challenges Initiative, University of Cambridge

David Good is a psychologist who has broad interests in human interaction and the consequences which follow for the individuals involved, personally, practically and socially. He teaches in the Department of Social & Developmental Psychology and is a Life Fellow of King’s College.

Until his recent retirement from the role, David was also co-Director for Research for the University of Cambridge Global Challenges Initiative, the University's Strategic Research Initiative for the Sustainable Development Goals. His academic experiences to date combined with his experience of user-centred design leaves him well-placed to support the work of the Initiative. Success in positively impacting the lives of world’s poorest 3 billion people will depend on identifying research agendas which deliver for the academy and the users via interdisciplinary collaboration oriented to the needs of civil society. David’s motivation to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals through the participation in the Global Challenges SRI is shown by his role as a mentor for CAPREX and as an Advisory Board member for Cambridge in Africa. In 2009, he also began a collaboration with Sharath Srinivasan which lead to the creation of the Africa’s Voices project and the Foundation of the same name where he is a Trustee. He contributes to the Engineering for Sustainable Development MPhil.

David's research is currently involved in two lines of work. The first is concerned with the development of new communication and information technologies, and how research from the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences can be usefully brought to bear on the design of new technologies. The second focusses on the development of the creative and innovative abilities of students, and how this prepares them for their future careers. This work builds on his time as Education Director of the Cambridge MIT Institute.

Until 2008, David was the Education Director for the Cambridge MIT Institute. He is a member of the University of Cambridge Council, and is a lay member of the Council of the Royal College of Art. He acted as Director of Education in the School of Biological Sciences - one of the six Schools into which the University is organised - from 2010-2017.

In 2001, he established the Crucible Network with Alan Blackwell to forge relationships between Technology researchers and those in the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences around the design of new technologies, and the development of technology policy.