Dr Luke Roberts

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Resolve Consultants Ltd

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Resolve Consultants Limited.

Dr Luke Roberts has focused on conflict resolution, systems change and sustaining innovation. He completed his PhD at Cambridge in 2020. The focus of his research was the sustainability of innovation in organisations when viewed as socially Complex Adaptive Systems. He is an applied social scientist who uses System Thinking and Complexity Theory to address messy and ambiguous challenges which organisations and society face. His work with CSaP often means engaging with fellows and the CSaP community on ill-defined and systemic issues in policy and practice.

He works across the private, and public sector helping leaders to understand their ecosystem and apply creative solutions to influence system change. His work often involves understanding the creativity within organisations and communities which allows them to thrive. Conversations often focus on points of conflict in the system and what are the ways in this hinders opportunity and benefits.

Luke has worked in the policy space with APPGs, Parliamentarians and Ministers, he has also advised policy leaders on multi-departmental working to address system issues. He is presently developming a leadership model which aligns with complex systems.