Michael J Evans

Founder of Green-Tide Turbines Ltd at ideaSpace Enterprise Accelerator, University of Cambridge

Founder, Green-Tide Turbines

Michael is an experienced entrepreneur and innovator with key skills in research and development, engineering and manufacturing. He has strong project and team management skills and is highly motivated to deliver an end product.

Michael was co-inventor of the Compact Mixed Reactant fuel cell and co-founder of CMR Fuel Cells plc. Under the founder’s management, CMR was elected ‘Innovators of the year 2005’ by the Carbon Trust and Daily Telegraph, ‘One of the top 25 companies to change the World by 2010’ by RedHerring and Harvard Business School and ‘Technology Pioneers 2006’ by the World Economic Forum.

Michael left CMR in March 2008 and started developing his water turbine concept, forming Green-Tide Turbines Ltd in March 2009. Green-Tide’s turbines use natural water movement to generate electrical energy from river currents and tide streams.

  • 23 April 2014, 6pm

    CPP Lecture: Vince Cable, MP

    The Easter term 2014 CPP lecture will be given by The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP.

  • 13 February 2014, 5:30pm

    Adaptation to climate change: Seminar 4

    In the fourth seminar of the series, Professor Kennel will discuss factors affecting rates of global and local sea level rise; how advanced regions are preparing-Venice, the Netherlands, Sacramento Bay-Delta; and vulnerable cities, agricultural river deltas, low-lying island nations.