The Government Office for Science is the home of science and engineering across government and supports the Government Chief Scientific Adviser. The key role of the GCSA and GO-Science is to ensure that all levels of government, including the Prime Minister and Cabinet, receive the best scientific advice possible, and to enable the many science-using departments across government to create policies that are supported by strong evidence and robust arguments.


Colin Armstrong

Head of International Resilience

Dr Amy Ash

Head of Public and Parliamentary Scrutiny, Covid Response

Professor Sir John Beddington

Government Chief Scientific Adviser (2008 - 2013)

Laura Eden and Zoë Bond

Deputy Director – Covid Inquiry and Transparency

Piera Carugno

Head of Cross-Government R&D Strategy and Spend

Edward Coombs

Policy Lead, R&D Strategy and Capability

Dr Jo Foreman & Dr Sarah Steiner

Head of Science Networks, Systems and Capability (Jobshare)

Mike Edbury

Head of Health and Environment

Dr Megan Eldred

Science and Engineering Fast Stream

Dr Andrew Kaye

Head of Covid-19 Science Advice Team

Dr Rupert Lewis

Former Director of GO-Science

Ruth Marshall

Head of Futures Capability

Professor Dame Angela McLean

Government Chief Scientific Adviser

Dr Jennifer Stuart

Science and Engineering Fast Stream

Sir Patrick Vallance

former Government Chief Scientific Adviser

Alex van Someren

Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security

Siddharth Varma

Former Head of R&D Strategy and Innovation

Charlotte Warwick

Head of Futures Advice