Ian Abbott-Donnelly

European CTO, Big Green Innovations & Smarter Cities at IBM Europe

Former European CTO, IBM Big Green Innovations & Smarter Cities

Until his retirement in 2015, Ian Abbott-Donnelly was the European Chief Technology Officer for Big Green Innovations and Smarter Cities at IBM. His job involved pushing the boundaries of IBM in the areas of Smarter water management, carbon management, alternative energy and the application of high performance computing to environmental issues.

Since leaving IBM, he continues to work on Smarter Cities, Sustainability and Resilience projects and other projects under the heading of ‘innovation that matters’. Ian has recently edited the book Creating, Analysing and Sustaining Smarter Cities: A Systems Perspective. He enjoys combining the diverse disciplines of technology, innovation, change and learning from nature to help him and others make sense of the world.

Prior to taking up his role at IBM Ian was Head of Technology for English Nature (now Natural England), providing stewardship and regulation for over 4000 special protected sites for nature conservation across England.