Professor Nathan Crilly

University Associate Professor at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

University Associate Professor, Engineering Design Centre, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Nathan Crilly's research interests are in the areas of design, creativity and communication. In particular, he employs an interdisciplinary approach to investigating the relationship between how designers intend products to be experienced and how they are subsequently experienced by consumers. Nathan holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, a PhD in Product Aesthetics and has professional design experience in the aerospace and software industries.

Nathan coordinates the EDC's Design Practice theme, whose purpose is to understand and represent particular aspects of design practice in ways that make thinking and talking about design easier. He often works with researchers from the Design Management research group, whose purpose is to improve the ways in which design can be managed and exploited at product, firm and national levels. He is also part of the Crucible research network, whose purpose is to encourage collaboration between technologists and researchers in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

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