Owen Garling

Knowledge Transfer Facilitator at Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge

Knowledge Transfer Facilitator, Bennett Institute for Public Policy

Owen Garling works at the Bennett Institute in the role of Knowledge Transfer Facilitator. He is currently on secondment from his role as a Transformation Manager at Cambridgeshire County Council, where his work has focussed on understanding how the public sector can work differently by taking a more deeply embedded place-based approach to how it works. His work also looks at how taking a wider systemic view of the world can help the public sector to address some of the complex challenges it faces.

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    Social Infrastructure and Levelling Up Our Communities

    Expenditure on social infrastructure may not provide the capital or jobs that show 'value for money' directly, but may head off social problems and economic costs in the future. Can and should we trust local areas to drive their own policy decisions? Or should we have a more 'joined up' national agenda?