Professor Richard Mortier

Professor at Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge

Professor in Computing & Human-Data Interaction, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Richard Mortier is Professor in Computing & Human-Data Interaction in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge and President of Christ's College. He returned to the Computer Laboratory in 2015, having spent time at Sprint ATL, Microsoft Research Cambridge, Vipadia Limited and Horizon Digital Economy Research at the University of Nottingham. He is interested in the intersection of systems and HCI, and the ways that design of our computing infrastructure constrains and enables our interactions. His research spans a range of topics, all with a networked systems angle. He has worked on topics from distributed system performance monitoring and debugging, to Internet routing protocols, to real-time media platform design and implementation. He has worked in a variety of roles, from high-level platform architect, to designer and implementer of complex networked systems, to website designer and builder. He has also consulted and worked for a broad range of companies, including startups and corporates in both the US and UK.