Harriet Ackland

Head of Services, Investment and Digital Trade Policy, Trade Agreement Implementation, Bilateral Trade Relations

Ben Alexander

Chair of the Industrial Development Advisory Board

Marietta Angeli

Head of Technical Barriers to Trade

Stephanie Ashmore

Director of Trade and Investment, Taiwan

Natalie Black

HM Trade Commissioner Asia Pacific

James Bowler

Old role - Permanent Secretary

Amanda Brooks

Director General for Trade Negotiations

Rosalind Campion

Former International Strategy Director

Chris Carr

Director, Smarter Regulation

Paul Davison

Former Head of Strategy, Africa Investment Summit

Ben Douglass-Smith

Assistant Director – Services and Digital Trade Strategy

Euan Edwards

Head of Digital Trade Network - Japan

Dr Oliver Exton

Head of FTA Tariff Policy

Matthew Grainger

Former Deputy Director, Export & Investment Policy

Dr Peter Jelfs

Head of Tax Services, Investment Directorate

Luke Jessop

Deputy Director - Procurement and Intellectual Property

Cindy Kim

Head of Trade, Strategy

Ms Aphrodite Korou

Former Head of EU Exit Negotiability

Matthew Li

Engagement Manager, UK-US Free Trade Agreement Negotiations Team

Damian Nussbaum

Former Director, Strategic Relations Team

Fred Perry

Deputy Director, Ministerial Strategy

Victor Platten

Deputy Director, Trade Disputes and Market Access

Kenan Poleo

Consul General and Trade Commissioner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Mohib Rahman

Former Deputy Director, North America, China & Hong Kong, and Asia Pacific

Dr Stuart Sarson

Head of Secretariat, Regulatory Policy Committee

Crispin Simon

Former HM Trade Commissioner for South Asia, Deputy High Commissioner for Western India

Ceri Smith

Director General, Strategy and Investment