Professor Mia Gray

Professor of Economic Geography at Department of Geography, University of Cambridge


Professor of Economic Geography, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Mia Gray specialises in labour, economic and urban geography. She pursues two broad areas of research:

  • Labour markets and the social and organisational dynamics of work. This research covers workers in high-tech industries as well as in low-paid service sector industries, looking at issues of social capital in the workplace; unionisation; social inclusion in high tech industries; knowledge flows; gender, ethnicity and the links to innovation; and globalisation and the organisation of cross-site project teams.
  • Regional economies. This research challenges some of the literature on industrial districts formation, characterises different types of regional growth, and explores the links between globalisation and vibrant regional economies. More recently, Mia has been exploring globalisation of R&D firms and their institutional efforts to promote knowledge diffusion within the firm.

Mia holds a Masters in City and Regional Planning from the University of California at Berkeley and a PhD from Rutgers University.