Professor Rod Jones

Professor at Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Professor Rod Jones’ research focuses on observational and modelling studies of atmospheric structure and photochemistry. He is the group leader in the Atmospheric Measurements sector of Centre for Atmospheric Studies at the University of Cambridge.

Ozone (O3) in the stratosphere protects the biosphere from potentially damaging short wavelength solar radiation. Tropospheric ozone initiates many of the chemical processes, which are necessary for the removal of many pollutant gases, while direct exposure can damage animals and plants.

Many other gases play important roles: bromine and chlorine oxides are known to play important roles in stratospheric ozone loss, while gases such as NO3 are important in the night-time chemistry in both the stratosphere and troposphere. Other gases, such as the ubiquitous water vapour play important roles in both chemistry and climate. However, not only are the basic distributions of many of these gases poorly known, but also their detailed roles in the atmospheric system have yet to be tested adequately - studies of these are the focus of Professor Jones’ group.